As we begin a New Year, I wondered how effective SCORE really is to our community and nationwide. To answer this, I reviewed some statistical data from clients we mentored in 2014 and data collected from those who attended one or more of our workshops. I also reviewed information SCORE submitted to the United States Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Here are the highlights of what I discovered:

  • SCORE continues to serve two great American ideals: entrepreneurial spirit and volunteerism.
  • The small businesses we help are the engine of America's job creating economy, thefabric of our local community, and the embodiment of our American dream.
  • For every $1 appropriated to SCORE, more than $57 flows back into the Federal Treasury from our SCORE clients.
  • In new payroll taxes alone, our data suggests that the work of each SCORE volunteer is responsible for over $40,000 to the Federal government each year.
  • Last year SCORE helped over 45,000 new businesses get started nationwide.
  • Last year we helped small businesses create over 95,000 new jobs nationwide.
  • In Palm Beach County last year, SCORE helped start almost 350 new businesses, over 500 new jobs, and we were told by more than 250 existing business owners that SCORE was a major factor in their ability to grow their business.
  • All this is accomplished through some 310 SCORE Chapters around the country, with 10,500 volunteer mentors.
  • The Palm Beach County chapter has 53 volunteer mentors who last year met with more than 600 new and returning clients; sponsored and ran 90 educational workshops attended by more than 1,200 clients and donated more than 3,500 hours helping the local small business community.

SCORE exists for one reason alone: to help entrepreneurs achieve their dream of success and strengthen the economy of this great Nation and our County.



Jerry Steinberg

Palm Beach SCORE Chapter Chair