Your Personal Small Business Advisory Board Can Assist If Your Company

Is your business growing too fast, not growing, or profits are not what you expected?  SCORE Palm Beach's Advisory Board is here to help.


Get Your Own Small Business Advisory Board!



SCORE Palm Beach is offering established small business CEOs or founders an opportunity to utilize an independent, experienced executive team to help solve their small business enterprise challenges.

Is your company growing too fast, not growing as you’d hoped… or your profits aren’t what you expected? Staffing challenges, acquisition or merger prospects, or other entrepreneurial challenges facing you or your staff? SCORE Palm Beach's Advisory Board is here to help.

This team will operate as your FREE company advisory board by

•  Conducting an in-depth meeting with your leadership team. 
•  Performing an initial business assessment to help identify your organization’s challenges.
•  Develop tailored solutions to address those challenges.
•  Preparing an integrated action plan as a roadmap to success.
•  Providing hands-on support to help implement the action plan.
•  Staying involved as long as you want us there.


The typical profile of an Advisory Board client company is an organization that is at least two years old, has two full-time employees (other than the owner and family members) and has annual gross revenue in excess of $500,000. In addition, the business or owner’s residence must be located in Palm Beach County and the client contact must be responsible for the full operations of the business. The CEO must also be willing and available to participate in regular meetings with the team.

Businesses that do not meet all of the criteria may still be selected for participation in the program depending on their unique circumstances.


If you are ready to get the help you need to get your business on a growth fast track, click the blue “Get Started with Advisory Board” button below. You will be directed to a form asking for the following information:

• Your name and title
• Company name, address and year established
• Your product or service description
• Number of employees
• Previous year’s gross revenues and pretax profits
• Your website URL
• Your telephone number and email address 
• A brief description of the type of assistance you’re looking for

As soon as your information is received, an Advisory Board Team Member will contact you for an initial assessment meeting. Then he or she will select the rest of the team members from our broad roster of mentors. Once registered and accepted into the program, the Advisory Board service is provided free of charge. 


My mentor helped me SO much in focusing on the right things, and prioritizing the items needed to establish and grow a successful business. Everyone I dealt with at SCORE has been a huge help in getting me to where I am today. Thank you SCORE!” Martin H.

“SCORE has provided us with a much better understanding of our brand and outlined a specific marketing plan that fits our business plan…. Our mentors helped us focus in on what we are good at as a company and really gave us a clear, defined mission. They helped us outline an excellent marketing game plan to fit into our expertise.” Marc C.

“My SCORE mentor met with me on numerous occasions and talked me off the ledge of self doubt and uncertainty. She helped me break each overwhelming step into an easy-to-manage process. She assisted me with lease negotiations, financial planning, and referrals to resources for funding for inventory. She has taught me to be patient and to keep emotion out of business. These skills have been very valuable in managing clients, vendors, and employees.” Cynthia H.